About Bofs Hogs

Bofs Hogs is run by our friendly team at Woodside Farm in Nottinghamshire. We pride ourselves on the highest standards or produce, taste and service to all our customers.

All of the hogs are reared by us on our farm. This means we are there for every stage of the process. Working closely with award winning butcher Johnny Pusztai we ensure a perfect cut and preparation of our fantastic hogs for every event.

What sets us aside from other hog roast companies is that you are guaranteed to know where your meat is sourced and preparred. This and the fantastic flavours!

Read the full story of Woodside Farm on our sister website Woodside Experience where we offer days on the farm. Johnny shows how to rear, butcher and prepare the pork from start to finish.

The pigs are reared by myself, my father and Jamie. We make sure the pigs are happy and are well looked after. Between us we have nearly 100 years experience with pig farming. In 1998 the farm was lucky enough to have a visit from HRH Prince Charles of Wales.

The farm has been in our family since the 1950's and my father has been involved all of his life. We grow 70% of our corn requirement and buy in the other 30% from neighbouring farms. We use all of our own straw and the pigs are born on the outdoor pig site. At eight weeks old they are brought back to the farm to finish growing.

The care and attention we take in breeding and rearing our pigs ensures the highest quality meat and of course, the most fantastic flavours for our hog roasts.

Richard Baugh